Sunday, June 17, 2012


On a busy Saturday, one of my stops was to go see Elvis at the Relay for Life event at the high school track field. They were having several entertainers perform for the attendees from a stage behind the field house.

I met this Elvis at another event last year, and I became a Facebook friend. I was glad to hear he was going to perform today.

Being the camera buff that I am, I walked to the side of the stage to take a picture of the Guardians of the Ribbon Pink Heals fire truck, which I've also seen many times. As I turned around to head back toward the stage, I thought I'd take a picture of Elvis while I was closer. He saw me coming, turned toward me, and after snapping the photo, he handed me one of the many scarves he gives the women at his events. I quietly said, "Thanks Freddie," to let him know I knew him.

I stayed to hear him sing for quite a while before moving on to my next event. He sounds so much like him and is a very good impersonator. He passes out red, white, and blue scarves, and I was glad to get a while one - to go with the red shirt and blue jeans I was wearing to the flag event later in the day.

He sang "How Great Thou Art" with so much feeling and heart, it was a pleasure to be there.

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