Wednesday, June 30, 2010


{ The Sitting Room

I want to share the rest of my tour to the Ohio Governor's Mansion from last Sunday. It is my guess that about 400 people attended the function. I do remember the servers filling up the hot dog trays several times. As photos continued being taken with the guests and dignitaries, a funny thing happened.

I walked toward the tent after photographing the gardens, and found Concha who mentioned that she still had not been able to get the Governor to sign her photo of him in her Ohio book. I knew she was a bit disappointed, so I said, "follow me." I walked straight to the area where the photos were going on and noticed that they were taking a break and each was getting a drink refreshment.

As the Governor moved to the drink table set up next to their special area, I took Concha's book and pen, walked up to Governor Ted Strickland with book open and just politely put it in front of him and said, "please sign this." He looked and saw it was me, immediately took the book and wrote a very nice "Thank you for your support" type tribute and signed it. I thanked him again, and Concha and I walked away with her smiling. I'm not shy in some areas! It was good to know I was able to help accomplish something for someone else.

{ The Library
The Library is off the Sitting Room, and leads into the front door area and staircase up to the private residence.

{ Piano in Library
The Library is a beautiful room with two couches and several chairs, and two walls of bookcases.

{ The Dining Room
The kitchen has two doors off to the right in the photo, both closed off to visitors.

{ The Silver Service Set in the Dining Room

{ The Foyer, Rear Entrance from the Gardens

Last, I have to share the "pet in the pond" - there were several turtles of various sizes in the three ponds outside in the gardens. This one looked well fed!

A good time was had by all and I look forward to visiting again next year. After all, I still have a photo with Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher to get autographed!

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