Friday, June 11, 2010


Last Saturday, I went with friends to Chillicothe to the grand opening of the Democratic Headquarters there and met some dignitaries. It was well attended, and our special friend from Chillicothe, Ray Pryor, State Representative of the 85th District (and his wife Jennifer), was there.

Justin Fallon, a Gallia County Commissioner, is running for the Ohio Senate 17th District seat. My friend Gerald had his every-ready camera and took many good pictures.

Zack Space, incumbent State Representative of the 18th District, was there and I had a chance to ask him WHY he voted AGAINST the recently passed Healthcare Bill. He said it just wasn't good enough.

Lt. Governor Lee Fisher is running for the U.S. Senate, seeking to replace Senator George Voinovich (who is retiring). Along with all the other dignitaries, Fisher spoke to the crowd from the stage. It was definitely a photo-op. We were able to get bumper stickers, and a Fisher button.

We learned the visions, ambitions, and goals of each of the politicians as they talked about what they want to do for US - the people.

It was an exciting, learning experience. Next, I am looking forward to going to the Governor's Annual Picnic to be held at his residence later this month, to which I have been invited. When Gov. Ted Strickland was in Washington Court House the last time, I had my picture taken with him, and certainly plan to get it autographed!

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Sue's News said...

Good pictures despite the backlighting!

Go, Ray Pryor, Justin Fallon and Lee Fisher!