Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On Father's Day Sunday, the Fayette County Democrat Club held their annual Down On The Farm fundraising dinner and auction event at the Fine Arts Building at the Fayette County Fairgrounds. The Club purchased whole hams to be cooked by volunteer members. All the other food, drinks, supplies, and decorations were donated to the event. A DJ was hired to provide musical entertainment.

Robert Steele of Jeffersonville is running for a County Commissioner seat and spoke to the group.

Ray Pryor is the State Representative for the 85th District, which includes Fayette, Ross, and Pickaway Counties, and was the guest auctioneer. Many items were donated by members and local businesses to raise money for his re-election campaign. The auction was a success and raised $1,200 for Ray. We are so proud of him and he is such a great guy on many levels.

One special item was donated by a Club member, and Ray really liked the item - a large framed photo of President John F. Kennedy. Four Club members - Sue Raypole, Marie Fetters, Jenny Hollar-Young, and Judy Craig - joined forces and paid $200 as the winning bid for the photo. The four women then surprised Ray by presenting him with the photo he wanted, as a gift for his office. He was thrilled and surprised.

The first item up for bid was an exercise machine. The fun, good-hearted Ray got on the equipment and gave a short demonstration as to its use.

A good time and good food were enjoyed by all, as well as the Club making about $300 for the treasury, and the auction netted Ray a substantial amount for all his hard work as our auctioneer.

Ray - keep up the good work and we enjoy seeing you each time you are in town!