Friday, July 2, 2010


Pink is a good color for men as well as women! Thanks to the generousity of Port William, Ohio, Fayette County will see more PINK on men by way of fire gear.

Guardians of the Ribbon, Ohio Chapter is a part of the national Pink Heals Tour. Guardians of the Ribbon, dressed in pink fire suits, drive pink fire trucks across the country every year to spread their awareness campaign supporting all women in their fight against cancer. The Pink Heals Tour helps raise money and awareness for the non-profit entitles that help women in their cities and states.

The "Cares Enough To Wear Pink" campaign is celebrated each year October 25-27th by firefighters and police officers who join to support all women fighting all forms of cancer. The men honor those who can no longer fight, stand with those who can fight, and inspire those who watch.

Ryan McMurray, a founder and Chairman of the local chapter, recently took possession of the 1965 Peter Pirsch firetruck donated to the chapter by Port William, Ohio. The next step is to get the truck painted pink similar to the other in the fleet around the country.

Visit their facebook page at pages/Washington-Court-House-OH/Guardians-of-the-Ribbon-Ohio-Chapter/355226902805?__a=4&v=wall. If you are a fireman or policeman who wants to join the effort, email for more information. Be sure to see the Guardians of the Ribbon, Ohio Chapter unit in Jeffersonville, Ohio on July 4th prior to the evening fireworks. They will be selling t-shirts to further their cause.

To visit the Pink Heals Tour, go to to see more states involved in this cancer awareness effort.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you got this photo:

But the boy behind the wheel is me. The other kid in the photo was my cousin Bonnie Jean. The year was 1963. The place Edaville Railroad Museum at South Carver, Mass. The photographer was my dad. -- Ed Hass, Sacramento, CA