Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My work is never done. If its not one thing, its another! And so it goes...on and on.

On Sunday, John and I went to my rental house to clean up the mess the former tenant's visitors made. It was immediately evident the door knob turned freely, when it was supposed to be locked. After all, the locks had just been changed a week ago.

After calling the police for a report on the breaking and entering, then criminal damaging, I also took pictures of the five electrical outlets that were torn or ripped out of the walls in two rooms in a futile attempt to steal copper wiring. THERE IS NO VIABLE COPPER WIRING DUMMYS.

So now I wait for the two electrical repair estimates I must have to report this incident to my insurance company. My attorney has been notified, so I wait.

The For Rent or Sale sign is still up and I am getting calls daily, however, it will be at least a month before the house is repaired and re-cleaned in order to be properly re-rented. The main breaker cannot be turned back on, since the criminals found it before they ripped out the outlets. I guess they didn't want to get shocked. It wasn't easy to find, since the laundry room door was shut, and accidentally locked, so they kicked in the door and ripped out the framework in doing so. The electrical panel box was not in the laundry room, but they found it anyway.

The tenant had abandoned the house, not paid his water bill, so the water was recently turned off, and with no electricity, I can't vacuum or clean much.

I am a very patient person, but I WANT THIS FIXED NOW - NOT NEXT WEEK! AND SO IT GOES!

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