Monday, June 14, 2010


This coming Sunday is Father's Day. Father's Day was first celebrated in 1910. Upon hearing about the newly created Mother's Day, a grateful daughter, Bonora Smart Dodd, lobbied to establish a similar day to honor fathers, and suggested her own father's birthday - June 5 - as the date. The third Sunday of June was chosen instead.

Kids like to make homemade cards for dad, or a homemade gift to show their love. Older youth should forgo a group activity to spend some quality time with dad. Us older children mostly have memories to look back on. I was a "daddy's girl" for a long time. I learned a lot from my dad. He was always there for me, even though he traveled some for his job. As I entered high school, dad was always around because he and his partner had their own company and he didn't have to travel anymore.

I remember one special time when I was in Physical Ed at school and the class was playing ball. The ball hit my finger (hard), which broke. Dad came to the school right away and wisked me away to the emergency room to get my finger x-rayed and set. Dad always had good advice and spoiled me, as his only daughter. (I had 3 half-brothers.)

My dad was the one who named me. If mother had her way, I would have been a Sarah Jane, after my mother and grandmother. But my dad had his own idea and just knew that I would be a person who spoke her own mind, and called me Gail, after the gale winds. Dad's best friend nicknamed me "Windy" when I was young, because I talked a lot. I always had something to say as a kid. I guess I didn't change much as I grew older. My name didn't come from any "family connection," just dad's desire.

My father died after many strokes, and a final heart attack, in 1973. I miss my dad a lot. He was only 79 when he died. At least I have my memories, which no one can take away.

If you don't have a dad to celebrate with this Sunday, remember your dad anyway. Another gesture would be to say Happy Father's Day to a friend who is a dad. Being a FATHER is not the same as being a DAD. FATHER'S sperm is a short lived item, but a DAD is someone who helps you grow up, teaches, loves, and is THERE for you.

My nieces and nephews are in the same boat I am. Our dad's have passed away. But I'm sure they will be remembered in some way this weekend. Remember YOUR DAD, and if you can, spend some quality time with him, because that time does not last forever. Treasure it.

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