Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sometimes I feel like each day is a roller coaster ride through life's ups and downs. You win some - you lose some. Wednesday I won one and lost one. At least I came out even.

Two of the electrical estimates were completed, thanks to a Property Manager who is on the ball. He plans to get a third estimate tomorrow. I notified my insurance company and they are sending an adjuster out to survey the damage. Back to the waiting game.

On the other side of the coin, at lunch I was given some bad news about a recent project I am involved with. I won't go into detail; just suffice to know I was saddened by what transpired.

I hope tomorrow has a better outcome. A repairman is coming to install my replacement dishwasher since the old one quit some time ago. I saved so much water by switching to paper plates and plastic utensils!

Everyone has their ups and downs now and then. But I seem to be buckled into my seat on the roller coaster and I never know how long the ups or downs will be, but the ride just keeps going on, and on.....

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