Friday, March 7, 2014


A fundraiser was held Thursday night for the McClain High School Wrestling Team in Greenfield, Ohio. The Three Spoons Diner was staffed with wrestling team members who helped serve food and clean tables. Some team members' mothers were also pitching in waiting tables.

I went there early before a meeting I wanted to attend in Greenfield. There certainly was a good crowd on hand and there were a few menu items specifically in the teams' honor.

I sat at the counter and started talking to a few of the wrestling team members. One young gal caught my attention and I asked her a question about the team. Her name is Kylee; she said she was the only girl on the wrestling team and she was in the light-weight category. I was surprised and happy at the same time. I told her I was proud of her and her participation in the sport and wished her well.

We had a chance to talk a bit between her duties and she was a great gal with ambitions and she has two brothers on the team. A little later I was talking to a woman wearing a team shirt and she said she was Kylee's step-mother. It was great to talk to so many members of the team and they were all doing a great job. I'm sure they raised enough money to purchase the new wrestling mat - their fundraising goal.

A few of the team members are: (L-R) Tommy, Jacob, Kylee, Jarrett, and Bubba (John). Tommy and Bubba are Kylee's brothers.

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