Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I went into work early today to finish the data entry work from Friday. The new state data base is now being used for the verification of all families being served by the county Food Pantry. The computer was set up on the sign-in table and I was able to do the entry of each referral form as the person signed their form of acceptance.

While I was doing all the entries today, I also was training three other women to use the program. I answered questions and still kept the line moving. It was a successful day. I will go back Wednesday and do it again, training two or three more ladies on the computer. The director has scheduled training sessions for me during the next four pantry days.

The pantry is a once-a-month benefit for referrals from Job and Family Services; it is not a walk-in facility. We depend on donations from local residents, non-profit groups, and grocery stores. Today we accepted a Lions Club donation.

Things are good!

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What kind of items are most needed?