Saturday, March 22, 2014


Today I learned that I live on Polka Dot Street. Since it was a beautiful sunny day out, and over 60 degrees for a change, I took my dog for a walk. As we walked toward the end of the street, I noticed oil spots all over the roadway in front of the apartment there. A new family had just recently moved in there. They used an old open trailer with wood box sides to transport their belongings. They would back the trailer up into the yard to unload the contents. The spots on the road were in a pattern that you could see was backing up and pulling forward at different angles. Their car must have a massive oil leak. The photo here shows only a small section of the end of the street, but they have managed to 'dot' the entire end of the street in an ugly manner.

Then I went out into the back yard and saw that my daffodil plant is about four inches high. I know we are going to have some cooler weather next week, but I am praying for warmer temperatures very soon so my flowers will continue to grow and bloom.

I checked my row of lilies and they are also sprouting up beautifully. My next task is to get all the debris and leaves raked from the garden area so they have a clean bed in which to bloom.

My front flower bed is also showing signs of tall green sprouting plants. So flowers are beginning to grow on my polka dot street.

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