Monday, March 3, 2014


A couple weeks ago, after three snowfalls, when I had to call the street department to get my street plowed, I was told that they do the main roads first, the secondary residential roads, and then the cul-de-sacs last.

When I went out this morning, I found the driveway and my truck covered in freezing rain and ice. It took longer than normal to heat the truck and melt the ice on the windshield because it was so cold out, but I still got to church on time.

During the hour or so many people were in the building, the freezing rain turned to snow (again) and everything was covered with at least one inch of snow by noon. After cleaning off the windshield AGAIN, I made it home safely.

My surprise for the day was at 4:15pm when I looked out my front window to see a snow plow cleaning my street. The department didn't forget my pleas of late. Last Wednesday, I went to the City Council meeting to publicly thank the head of the service department in front of the council members, for his speedy action on behalf of my request a couple weeks ago. I asked him privately not to forget us again, jokingly.

I can now say that he remembered! Thank you Joe.

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