Wednesday, June 30, 2010


{ The Sitting Room

I want to share the rest of my tour to the Ohio Governor's Mansion from last Sunday. It is my guess that about 400 people attended the function. I do remember the servers filling up the hot dog trays several times. As photos continued being taken with the guests and dignitaries, a funny thing happened.

I walked toward the tent after photographing the gardens, and found Concha who mentioned that she still had not been able to get the Governor to sign her photo of him in her Ohio book. I knew she was a bit disappointed, so I said, "follow me." I walked straight to the area where the photos were going on and noticed that they were taking a break and each was getting a drink refreshment.

As the Governor moved to the drink table set up next to their special area, I took Concha's book and pen, walked up to Governor Ted Strickland with book open and just politely put it in front of him and said, "please sign this." He looked and saw it was me, immediately took the book and wrote a very nice "Thank you for your support" type tribute and signed it. I thanked him again, and Concha and I walked away with her smiling. I'm not shy in some areas! It was good to know I was able to help accomplish something for someone else.

{ The Library
The Library is off the Sitting Room, and leads into the front door area and staircase up to the private residence.

{ Piano in Library
The Library is a beautiful room with two couches and several chairs, and two walls of bookcases.

{ The Dining Room
The kitchen has two doors off to the right in the photo, both closed off to visitors.

{ The Silver Service Set in the Dining Room

{ The Foyer, Rear Entrance from the Gardens

Last, I have to share the "pet in the pond" - there were several turtles of various sizes in the three ponds outside in the gardens. This one looked well fed!

A good time was had by all and I look forward to visiting again next year. After all, I still have a photo with Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher to get autographed!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


One day I got the mail - and what to my wondering eyes should appear - an invitation to the Governor's Mansion in Bexley, Ohio for the annual picnic. I was one of several people from Washington Court House to receive the honor. Four of us went together, and I drove Sunday afternoon to the busy streets of Columbus. Upon arrival I met a new friend who joined our group - Concha, a long-time friend of my friend Sue.

The Mansion is large and impressive entering through the front gate to check-in and get our nametags. Along the walk to the garden, large stones are engraved with the name of each county in the state. In every direction, many beautiful flowers adorn the landscaped gardens.

The many visitors made their way to the huge tent where the food table was set up. The lines formed to partake of hot dogs, choice of snack-pak chips, cookies, lemonade or water. There was also a line to have your picture taken with Governor Ted Strickland and other dignitaries, as they stood on riser blocks. I joined the line and took along my photo of "Ted and I" taken here in town when the Governor spoke to a group at the Center For Economic Opportunity. The woman who moved us along and set up for the next photo shot said he didn't have time to do autographs. However, as Concha and I moved into place, Ted shook hands with me and I showed him the photo and said, "she said you didn't have time." After the photo was taken, as I was standing directly in front of him, he leaned over and said, "let's do this!" He graciously autographed our photo and he received my greatest thanks.

The gardens were open to tour and take pictures, as was the first floor of what the Governor called "The People's House" in his brief statement after his photos were finished. He gave us a little history of the home and I must say I took too many pictures for one blog entry.

In one area of the garden, stands an embellished stone Ohio State Seal surrounded by greenery. Needless to say, it was an enjoyable afternoon two-hour picnic and tour for my once-in-a-lifetime event. Stay tuned tomorrow for more Mansion comments.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today, Saturday, June 26, 2010 was MY DAY - the one day of the year that I get a year older, a little wiser, and a day to do something on my "bucket list."

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I put the top down on my convertible and set out to enjoy the sunshine. The first place I visited was the Fayette County Airport, (front view photo) located on State Route 38, just outside of the business section of town. I had not been to the airport for many years. The last time I had been there, the main building was more like a one-story metal building.

I learned that a new building had been built about two years ago. The Airport Manger, Tom Esper, was there and I learned that he was usually there from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. I was able to tour the new facility (rear view photo), which was very impressive for a small airport.

The main counter was decorative and had informational materials available.

There was a pilot's lounge, complete with microwave, refrigerator, and comfortable seating.

There is also a conference room, complete with a computer with Internet access for pilots to get weather and flight information. Esper said the conference room is also available for small group meetings at no charge.

Next to the pop and snack machine was the coffee area, and I found an especially cute sign hanging on the wall. Many model airplanes lined the cabinets, and plaques lined the walls.

Esper had been up cruising the blue skies earlier in the day, and was in the process of changing the oil in his personal plane. There are more hanger buildings now than I remembered from the past.

The airport offers fuel services, flight training, minor repairs, and hanger rentals. I learned that the FAA identifier for our airport is I23. The airport is open to the public and was activated in March 1967. There is no control tower, but the white and green beacon lights are on from dawn to dusk.

There are two runways, Runway 5 and Runway 23, which are 5097 by 75 feet asphalt surface for single and double wheeled planes. Touchdown points are visible on both runways, and Runway 23 has lighted end indicator lights, Runway 5 does not.

There are 21 aircraft based at our airport, 20 single engine planes and one muli-engine plane. Airport operations consisted of 53% transient general aviation, 44% local general aviation, 2% air taxi, and 1% military as of May 2009.

My visit to the airport was educational and nostalgic. I remember the last time I was there, about ten years ago, it was to cover (for a former job) the annual Fayette County Emergency Management Disaster Training Exercise when our local fire departments and emergency medical technicians learned about airplane crash procedures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On Father's Day Sunday, the Fayette County Democrat Club held their annual Down On The Farm fundraising dinner and auction event at the Fine Arts Building at the Fayette County Fairgrounds. The Club purchased whole hams to be cooked by volunteer members. All the other food, drinks, supplies, and decorations were donated to the event. A DJ was hired to provide musical entertainment.

Robert Steele of Jeffersonville is running for a County Commissioner seat and spoke to the group.

Ray Pryor is the State Representative for the 85th District, which includes Fayette, Ross, and Pickaway Counties, and was the guest auctioneer. Many items were donated by members and local businesses to raise money for his re-election campaign. The auction was a success and raised $1,200 for Ray. We are so proud of him and he is such a great guy on many levels.

One special item was donated by a Club member, and Ray really liked the item - a large framed photo of President John F. Kennedy. Four Club members - Sue Raypole, Marie Fetters, Jenny Hollar-Young, and Judy Craig - joined forces and paid $200 as the winning bid for the photo. The four women then surprised Ray by presenting him with the photo he wanted, as a gift for his office. He was thrilled and surprised.

The first item up for bid was an exercise machine. The fun, good-hearted Ray got on the equipment and gave a short demonstration as to its use.

A good time and good food were enjoyed by all, as well as the Club making about $300 for the treasury, and the auction netted Ray a substantial amount for all his hard work as our auctioneer.

Ray - keep up the good work and we enjoy seeing you each time you are in town!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the first day of summer. Enjoy the warm sunshine while you can. Get outside and get your shot of vitamin D daily sunshine for better health. For the next three days, 90 degree weather is predicted by weathermen. Take breaks, drink plenty of water, but have a HAPPY SUMMER.

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Monday, June 14, 2010


This coming Sunday is Father's Day. Father's Day was first celebrated in 1910. Upon hearing about the newly created Mother's Day, a grateful daughter, Bonora Smart Dodd, lobbied to establish a similar day to honor fathers, and suggested her own father's birthday - June 5 - as the date. The third Sunday of June was chosen instead.

Kids like to make homemade cards for dad, or a homemade gift to show their love. Older youth should forgo a group activity to spend some quality time with dad. Us older children mostly have memories to look back on. I was a "daddy's girl" for a long time. I learned a lot from my dad. He was always there for me, even though he traveled some for his job. As I entered high school, dad was always around because he and his partner had their own company and he didn't have to travel anymore.

I remember one special time when I was in Physical Ed at school and the class was playing ball. The ball hit my finger (hard), which broke. Dad came to the school right away and wisked me away to the emergency room to get my finger x-rayed and set. Dad always had good advice and spoiled me, as his only daughter. (I had 3 half-brothers.)

My dad was the one who named me. If mother had her way, I would have been a Sarah Jane, after my mother and grandmother. But my dad had his own idea and just knew that I would be a person who spoke her own mind, and called me Gail, after the gale winds. Dad's best friend nicknamed me "Windy" when I was young, because I talked a lot. I always had something to say as a kid. I guess I didn't change much as I grew older. My name didn't come from any "family connection," just dad's desire.

My father died after many strokes, and a final heart attack, in 1973. I miss my dad a lot. He was only 79 when he died. At least I have my memories, which no one can take away.

If you don't have a dad to celebrate with this Sunday, remember your dad anyway. Another gesture would be to say Happy Father's Day to a friend who is a dad. Being a FATHER is not the same as being a DAD. FATHER'S sperm is a short lived item, but a DAD is someone who helps you grow up, teaches, loves, and is THERE for you.

My nieces and nephews are in the same boat I am. Our dad's have passed away. But I'm sure they will be remembered in some way this weekend. Remember YOUR DAD, and if you can, spend some quality time with him, because that time does not last forever. Treasure it.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Last Saturday, I went with friends to Chillicothe to the grand opening of the Democratic Headquarters there and met some dignitaries. It was well attended, and our special friend from Chillicothe, Ray Pryor, State Representative of the 85th District (and his wife Jennifer), was there.

Justin Fallon, a Gallia County Commissioner, is running for the Ohio Senate 17th District seat. My friend Gerald had his every-ready camera and took many good pictures.

Zack Space, incumbent State Representative of the 18th District, was there and I had a chance to ask him WHY he voted AGAINST the recently passed Healthcare Bill. He said it just wasn't good enough.

Lt. Governor Lee Fisher is running for the U.S. Senate, seeking to replace Senator George Voinovich (who is retiring). Along with all the other dignitaries, Fisher spoke to the crowd from the stage. It was definitely a photo-op. We were able to get bumper stickers, and a Fisher button.

We learned the visions, ambitions, and goals of each of the politicians as they talked about what they want to do for US - the people.

It was an exciting, learning experience. Next, I am looking forward to going to the Governor's Annual Picnic to be held at his residence later this month, to which I have been invited. When Gov. Ted Strickland was in Washington Court House the last time, I had my picture taken with him, and certainly plan to get it autographed!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sometimes I feel like each day is a roller coaster ride through life's ups and downs. You win some - you lose some. Wednesday I won one and lost one. At least I came out even.

Two of the electrical estimates were completed, thanks to a Property Manager who is on the ball. He plans to get a third estimate tomorrow. I notified my insurance company and they are sending an adjuster out to survey the damage. Back to the waiting game.

On the other side of the coin, at lunch I was given some bad news about a recent project I am involved with. I won't go into detail; just suffice to know I was saddened by what transpired.

I hope tomorrow has a better outcome. A repairman is coming to install my replacement dishwasher since the old one quit some time ago. I saved so much water by switching to paper plates and plastic utensils!

Everyone has their ups and downs now and then. But I seem to be buckled into my seat on the roller coaster and I never know how long the ups or downs will be, but the ride just keeps going on, and on.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My work is never done. If its not one thing, its another! And so it goes...on and on.

On Sunday, John and I went to my rental house to clean up the mess the former tenant's visitors made. It was immediately evident the door knob turned freely, when it was supposed to be locked. After all, the locks had just been changed a week ago.

After calling the police for a report on the breaking and entering, then criminal damaging, I also took pictures of the five electrical outlets that were torn or ripped out of the walls in two rooms in a futile attempt to steal copper wiring. THERE IS NO VIABLE COPPER WIRING DUMMYS.

So now I wait for the two electrical repair estimates I must have to report this incident to my insurance company. My attorney has been notified, so I wait.

The For Rent or Sale sign is still up and I am getting calls daily, however, it will be at least a month before the house is repaired and re-cleaned in order to be properly re-rented. The main breaker cannot be turned back on, since the criminals found it before they ripped out the outlets. I guess they didn't want to get shocked. It wasn't easy to find, since the laundry room door was shut, and accidentally locked, so they kicked in the door and ripped out the framework in doing so. The electrical panel box was not in the laundry room, but they found it anyway.

The tenant had abandoned the house, not paid his water bill, so the water was recently turned off, and with no electricity, I can't vacuum or clean much.

I am a very patient person, but I WANT THIS FIXED NOW - NOT NEXT WEEK! AND SO IT GOES!