Friday, August 29, 2014


I never knew many of my older relatives. But after a couple years of intense genealogical research, I've learned a lot about several that died near here. I came to know a great-great uncle named Henson who fought in the civil war.

When Henson came home from the war, he did not join a G.A.R. post, so in my mission to honor him for his service, I had to look to general veteran services type medallions in order to put on on his grave.

Henson's wife, Phoebe is buried next to him on the left, and on his right, is his son, Harry, who died February 12, 1872 at age 2 years.

Today, I went to the cemetery and placed a veteran medallion and flag on his grave. My mission is complete. I wanted to honor both my great-great uncle and my great-grandfather who both fought in the civil war once I learned that no memorial was ever placed on their gravesites.

Sometimes setting a goal, taking the right steps, following through, having patience, and praying for a good result is what it takes.

Both my civil war veterans are now honored!

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