Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I was watching the noon news when a UPS truck stopped out front of the house. I wasn't expecting anything - some of us seniors are pretty poor at the end of the month (smile).

I opened the box and was surprised to find a U.S. Veterans medallion and stakeholder in the box. I remember just looking at it for a long time.

I had been trying to honor my great-great uncle, who was a civil war veteran, and find a veteran medallion for his grave, without the G.A.R. symbol. In all my family and genealogical investigations, I find no evidence that he was a member of any G.A.R. post. I learned that not all civil war veterans were members of G.A.R.s after the war. My other ancestor, my great-grandfather, was a member of a G.A.R. post after he returned from the war to Greenfield, Ohio.

During a quick trip to the Dollar Store today, I saw small American flags for $1.00 that would fit the holder of the medallion. I purchased one.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the cemetery and put the medallion on his grave and then let the cemetery office know that it is there. They mark their records of veterans accordingly.

I won't reveal here where the medallion came from, because I don't want anyone to think the wrong thing. All I will say is that sometimes there is more than one way to solve a problem. It is not always "my way or the highway" and other's have good ideas that come to fruition through patience and prayer. Fortunately, I am a very patient person and have faith that sometimes gives me inner peace. I will give my appropriate 'thank you's' and make sure they are loudly heard.

Great-great uncle Henson, this one's for you!!

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