Saturday, August 2, 2014


I don't visit Walmart very often, , but it is the cheapest place in town to get dog food. Since the recent demise of the second grocery store here in town, we only have Kroger and Walmart. I checked Kroger, but they didn't have the kind I needed today.

As I walked past the pharmacy counter on the way to the dog food area, I heard two kids running around yelling and screaming and carrying on something terrible. The mother had finally corraled one from running all over. I proceeded on down the aisle.

I had to make a stop in the toothpaste aisle on my way to the cashier. That aisle is closer to the pharmacy and the kids were still yelling, screaming at the top of their lungs and carrying on. It was a store distraction and totally uncalled for because it meant no parental control.

As I looked for my item, I quietly said to myself “if the parent can't control them take them home.” A woman in the same aisle was standing closer than I first saw and she said she totally agreed with me. She said if they were her grandkids, she would have beat them by now (with a smile meaning to discipline).

As I walked toward the cashier, one of the screaming kids came towards me and threw a package of bandaids in my cart and said, “you can have these.” I took them out of the cart, handed them back and said tell your mother to control you or take you home. I was quite perturbed by this time. The mother came to retreive her child as I walked on to check out.

When I got to the cashier, I saw another cashier not at a register and asked if there was a manager handy. She got one and I told the manager what transpired. She also could hear the screaming kids from the cash register area. She went to investigate. It caused quite a distraction and upset many customers.

As I checked out and headed to my vehicle, I heard noisy kids following me at a distance with the mother trying to urge them on toward their vehicle. I quickly put my package in my vehicle and left the parking lot. I did not see any packages in the mother's hands, so I can only assume that the store distraction was handled by the manager suggesting that they leave the store, which they promptly did.

It is really a shame that parents have no control over their children (these two kids looked about 6 years old) in this generation. In my generation, if you made a fuss you were promptly disciplined, taught manners and respect. Manners and respect have gone away and it is no wonder so many kids grow up heading to juvenile detention.

Parents – control your children; teach your children proper manners and respect for their elders. Some day you will be proud you did so.

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