Sunday, August 3, 2014


My little puppy Duke has now grown into a big boy.

He just turned four months and had his second set of puppy shots at the vet. On his first visit, he weighed 14 pounds at 10 weeks old. At 16 weeks old, he had almost doubled in weight. He weighed 26 pounds Friday. He is definitely eating well.

He loves to play in the back yard and is still picking up the twigs from around the tree.

The first tennis ball he received is now bare rubber. The cover has been chewed off and thrown away. He has ten toys in the kitchen and we play 'round them all up' each night before bedtime.

Advancing from my last blog report on Duke, he now has been trained to give me his paw when I say PAW. The next command he will learn starting this week will be lie-down. He is smart and learning fast.

That's my BIG BOY!

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