Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today was a sunny day, 56 degrees. Finally. I am already tired of the rain.

It was the day to sweep off the porch, get the chairs ready, and take off the burned out lights off the grapevine tree (and put fresh ones on).

It was also a good day to feed the birds. I had some old, leftover slices of bread to share. My hanging birdfeeders are not out of the garage yet. (Nothing to put in them yet.)

A few birds see the new offerings, check out the bread, then tweet about it to their feathered friends. And then there are many. TWEETS work!

A family has made a birds nest in my porch awning, so babies will be on the way soon enough.

I am so glad to see signs of spring. It was an awful winter here. SUMMER COME SOON!

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