Thursday, April 3, 2014


I bought a brand new ceiling fan (real cheap) at an auction a couple weeks ago, because I didn't have one in my living room. The bedrooms have had ceiling fans installed for several years.

I called my favorite electrician friend, who is also my favorite fireman (the same person from yesterday's blog), and asked him to install it. Sunday afternoon, the Master Electrician got to work. A Master Electrician is a professional status license issued by the state after an exam by the licencing board. There are very few Master Electricians in this county, but I am fortunate enough to know the best one.

Since I did not have any overhead light in the room, he had to drill a hole first. The wiring was run in the attic and connected to the breaker box.

Behind my front door I have a coat closet. The light switch is on the wall next to it. For ease and convenience, he enlarged the single switch to a double switch, so the fan light is next to the closet light.

The finished product is beautiful and brightens the room. It will also help in summer to cool and in winter to send the hot air back down to heat the room. I am proud of my new light, and blessed to know a friend who would install it for me.

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