Saturday, March 30, 2013


On the side of the shed in the back yard, my lilies are coming up now that all the snow has melted.

Under the back bedroom window, more lilies are poking their heads out of the ground.

Under the kitchen window, more lilies are growing due to the few brief warm days and some sunshine.

Originally, all these lilies were in one area next to the back fence, but last year my neighbor apparently didn't want them growing through to his side of the yard, so all the flowers were sprayed with some plant killer substance. I went outside one day after he had mowed his yard and found all my flowers dead along the fence line.

Near the end of the summer, I had a gardener dig up all the lily bulbs and replant them along the side of the shed, along the house under the kitchen window, and along the house under the back bedroom window. That way I would have them spread out and get more of an area of 'flower power.'

I'm looking forward to seeing what colors come from these bulbs, because I remember a mixture when they were clumped together along the fence. At least signs of spring are now showing in my back yard and the warmer weather today was enough to get me outside surveying the yard. Even the daffodils are about six inches tall and growing. Spring is trying so hard to show itself. Next I'll be watching for my peonies to show signs of life in the front yard. GROW GROW GROW