Sunday, March 3, 2013


I finished cleaning my guest room closet today by tackling the overstuffed shelf and organizing the contents. It was an afternoon project. My constant companion during my task was my ever-observant Miss Kitty who likes to watch me work.

I had three containers of old family photos saved by my mother, grandmother, and myself. They were in an old small suitcase, a large shoebox, and a file box. After sorting and putting them in Ziploc bags, all the items are now in one small tote box for easy access. The file box and old suitcase can now go to the auction sale.

I also had two sewing boxes on the shelf, and I really only need one; thus, another consolidation effort and the round one gets sold and the square one contains all the thread neatly in a Ziploc bags, and needles were stored in an old pill bottle. (Sometimes the smallest things are reusable.)

My treasured find of the day was my old original baby blanket my mother saved for many years and gave to me. It will find it a new, secure place to reside, in a sealed bag, safe in a dresser drawer.

I was able to empty and throw away some cartons and put more items in the auction totes I'm filling up. The closet is unrecognizable and so neat now. This was a project worth doing and an adventure with a great outcome. I'd better make a note to clean out my bedroom closet next and get it more organized.

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