Friday, March 29, 2013


My first "C" is for COOKIES.

No girl scouts came door-to-door this year to take cookie orders on my street. I looked for them to be set up at a local business selling their various goodies, but none were found. I decided to go on Facebook and ask if anyone knew a girl scout with cookies for sale. I got a reply and we exchanged a couple messages. Today the mother of the scout came to deliver the three boxes of cookies I ordered and we recognized each other right away. We worked together in 1989 at the same location here in town. Talk about bringing back old memories!!! I'm now on her list to be contacted next year, because her daughter will still be a girl scout. LOVE those Thin Mints!!

My second "C" is for CARRY.

After my concealed carry class last November, I applied for my license in December and have been waiting and waiting. I called the toll-free number a few times only to be told that the wait time had changed from six weeks to eight to twelve weeks due to a large backlog of new applications being submitted. Today I talked to an actual person (instead of listening to the automated phone system) and learned that my application had been approved and I should be getting my license in the mail by April 9th. Finally, what a relief, just to hear the results. Being a former state corrections officer, I have been weapons trained. It's not that I want to CARRY, I just wanted the satisfaction that I could OBTAIN a license by passing all the qualifications and tests to do so. I felt it was more of an accomplishment than an actual NEED. At least I can now say that I DID IT!


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