Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The answer to that question is - I don't know, I've never been one before. I was never able to be a real grandmother either. For a brief time, I was in the role of a grandmother when a child was born into my family, however, not biologically. For about six years, I enjoyed nurturing and spoiling the little boy. But after the divorce, I didn't see him again until he turned 18 and am no longer considered part of "his" family.

I am hoping that maybe I'll get another chance to try "grandmothering" again. Welcome to the world little Raiden Zain, born Sunday, June 26th. Raiden and I will forever share the same birthdate, even though, at my age, mine are "just another day" most of the time.

My "son" John raised a son named Michael, and his fiance had their little boy Sunday afternoon at Clinton Memorial Hospital. John is just finding out what it's like to be a grandfather at his young age (young to me). John was able to see Raiden today; I've only been able to see him in photos so far.

I hope Raiden will have the love and support from all his family members, even the ones who aren't biological. A bundle of joy that will last a lifetime in the hearts of many - a baby is born and now shares that day with me.

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