Saturday, June 18, 2011


I put 470 miles on my "baby" in three days this week. I'm now up to 25,725 miles on my 11 year old car. It drives like a dream. I drove to the Youngstown area on Monday to see my nephew; then to Willoughby on Tuesday to see an old friend; then home on Wednesday. I just love to drive the open road.

This weekend is Father's Day so many families may be on the roads for visits. I'll stay home since I have so much to do around the house.

Next weekend, however, the open road is calling me again. I have two or three ideas to get my car out of the garage and cruising. I don't know where I'll go yet. I have to do some planning, but there is no reason to stay in town when the weather is sunny and bright. I'll go somewhere to see the sights, or visit a gal friend - just me and my little gal (dog) who goes where I go. Two things I never leave home without when going for more than 12 hours - my dog and my computer. I feel lost without them.

Being retired does have its benefits!

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skymetalsmith said...

Hey Gail, Consider coming to Columbus for Comfest ( It is a great place to visit with your dog. Bring plenty of water.