Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have been watching the flowers grow in my garden out front. I check them daily for new blooms.

A few days ago my beautiful yellow lilies blossomed and I took pictures of them to show a friend who loves flowers. I was able to look at them for two days.

After running an errand today, I returned home to my new routine of looking at my flowers. Before I opened the front door, I noticed that the bright yellow blooms were GONE. I checked the flower bed and the ground and could not find a single pedal or remnant of a yellow flower that might have fallen apart.

The stems had been cut. My three lilies were gone. Who knows what vase they might be adorning in this neighborhood or one nearby. I'm sure they are being loved by someone else tonight. I hope that "someone" gets as much pleasure out of them as I did.

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