Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today I walked (and walked) in the WE ARE OHIO parade with 6500 people who made their voices heard with "We Are Ohio" and "This is what democracy looks like" sounds all along the route. We walked from COSI to the Secretary of State's Office escorting a semi truck loaded with more than 1500 boxes filed with petitions signed by 1.3 million voters in Ohio. Columbus Mayor Coleman led the parade filled with banners, firefighter bagpipers, drummers, a fire truck, and many others.

About 10,000 volunteers all over the state, including myself, collected signatures to show our support for the repeal of Senate Bill 5 which takes away the benefits of firemen, policemen, teachers, nurses, state workers, and many more across Ohio. The issue will now be on the ballot in November.

Because of the governor reaching out to the Koch Brothers for funding to stop the repeal - because he WON'T LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF OHIO - our campaign work now begins to educate the people as to what this disaster of a bill does to the working families of Ohio. The governor does not listen to the PEOPLE, he has his own personal agenda to KILL OHIO and all it has been for many years.

It was a great experience to be a part of this parade. After the semi was parked, and the totals were announced, many walkers went to Columbus Commons (park) to socialize and food was available.

State Representative Dale Mallory was walking in the parade - brother to Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

Congressman Ryan spoke today against Senate Bill 5 and it's terrible affect on Ohio workers. Why penalize workers to make the rich - richer?

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