Sunday, June 26, 2011


I was at the local post office Saturday morning from 9am to noon collecting signatures for the SB5 repeal petitions. I got more signatures than last week, plus I visited a few people at their homes - those who had expressed an interest in signing. Wednesday morning at 10am is the Petition Parade in downtown Columbus where we will travel to join many other counties who will be delivering all their signed petitions to WE ARE OHIO to soon go the Secretary of State's office. WE ARE OHIO has already collected over 800,000 signatures, more than three times the total needed to put the SB5 issue on the ballot in November. With all the petitions still outstanding, we might actually get to one million. Fayette County is leading the 44 counties in total signatures collected so far. We've had a great turnout at our events and many local volunteers.

After my active morning, I went to the Wayne Township Fire Department Steak Cookout in Good Hope. The fire trucks were out front of the station on display, and Leah was there too. Leah is the name of the Pink Heals firetruck which is part of the Guardians of the Ribbon campaign to raise money for breast cancer nationwide. Ryan McMurray is the Fire Chief of Station 200 and very proud of Leah, the truck he drives and maintains. Leah was on display at the Fayette County Fair last year and travels to several firefighter events.

I always support the firefighter activities. Most of the firemen in Fayette County are volunteers and provide a great service to the community. They put their lives on the line for others in fighting fires. When I was in the news service, I went to and observed many large, severe fires, such as Colonial Stair in Jeffersonville. It takes a lot of manpower and equipment to control a large fire.

The food at the cookout was very good. A steak sandwich, baked beans, horseshoe french fries (cooked by the Chief himself), dessert, chips and a drink, all for only $7.00. A meal well worth the price. Thanks guys for a great meal!

This morning was also the "Fire In The Sky" drive-through donation drive to raise money for the Washington Firefighters Association Fireworks Fund. As I turned into the open bay door to drive through and make my donation, I was greeted by the Acting Fire Chief Tom Youtz, and recently retired Chief Dan Fowler. Fowler is still the licensed pyrotechnic in charge of our local fireworks display at the fairgrounds. He has done a great job for many years and owns most of the equipment used in the event. I made my annual donation and enjoyed seeing my old friend again. I'm looking forward to this year's display.

If you have not already done so, be sure to make a donation to our fire department fireworks fund to help insure a great 4th of July fireworks display this year! Thanks guys for all you do for our community!

Visit their NEW website at for more information.

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