Sunday, May 15, 2011


Today is National Chocolate Chip Day, a whole day to celebrate little chocolate morsels.

It is said that chocolate chips were created in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield when she chopped up some chocolate and baked the pieces in a batch of cookies. The cookies became extremely popular, and in 1939 Nestle began producing Toll House Chocolate Chips and the rest is history.

Today is the day for everyone to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and share them with your friends and family, if you can pry them out of the fingers of the chocoholics!

The chocolate chip cookie can be either chewy or crispy, depending upon the recipe and how you place them on the cookie sheet. Rounds of cookie dough will produce thicker and chewier cookies, while flattened rounds of dough will spread into think flat crisps of buttery dough studded with chocolate chips. If you prefer larger cookies, drop golf-ball sized cookies onto baking sheets and bake a few minutes longer.

One of the keys to making superior cookies is to make up the dough a day and a half ahead, cover and refrigerate. This gives the baked cookie a richer, fuller flavor.

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