Sunday, May 22, 2011


The strange yellowish ball in the sky yesterday was a sight to behold. Better known as the SUN, it shown bright and warmed the air. It was a beautiful day to be outside, such a change from all the rain. My front porch has been quiet, but adorned with sticks and debris as Mama built herself a nest on the porch light next to the front door. Birds usually build nests in the corners of my aluminum awning over the porch, but this one got creative.

I watched as the little pieces she brought formed a perfect round nest atop the floodlight. At least when the light was turned on, it must have been warm up there. Mama sat on her eggs as long as the porch was quiet. I waited eagerly to see what would hatch. As I went in and out of the house, I never saw Mama because she would fly away well before I opened the outer door.

Yesterday was a day of pure excitement for me. I have BABIES! I had been in and out several times yesterday, but this one particular time was different. I got in the habit of looking up at the nest after it was built, but this time was exciting. I saw the heads and open mouths of three little baby birds just waiting for Mama to feed them. I was so excited, I yelled, "I got babies!" The neighbor heard me. I immediately reached for my cellphone to take a picture so I wouldn't miss the moment. See the one little head just above the nest in the photo.

Today was even more special. I was working on the porch and sat down in my chair. I guess Mama didn't notice me sitting so still as she unexpectedly appeared with food in her beak and four little heads popped up with open mouths. I thought there were three, but I saw all FOUR little baby heads. Gee, and I thought I was excited about triplets! When Mama saw me, she fed the one baby and flew off so quickly. She had a hungry brood so my dog and I left the porch so she could feed. I finally SAW Mama for the first time - beautiful robin. It won't be long before the babies will be ready to fly and the nest will be empty.

I had a bench on the porch, but decided to move it out to the yard. I pulled it along until it was where I wanted it, and I sat down with my camera in hand. Mama was back and forth twice as she realized she had some free "porch time" to herself. I want the babies to be healthy and get fed, so I'm giving her some peace and quiet now. I watched as she returned and sat atop the awning, checking out the area. There is a slat missing from the awning due to being ripped off in a storm a couple weeks ago, and Mama comes down through the small opening and right into the nest. (Next week the missing awning piece will be repaired, since it was found in the yard after the storm.)

I had been to the store today and replenished my tub of bird seed. It was about time I filled the two bird feeders that hang from my front yard tree. I love to watch all the starlings, sparrows, and an occasional robin who come to eat and chirp.

I will enjoy each of the next few days watching them grow and peek their heads over the top of the nest; because soon I will be an EMPTY NESTER once again.

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