Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was reading a Facebook post and a Huffington Post news item a few minutes ago and the comment made by a high official of our United States Congress blew my mind. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor actually said - no disaster relief unless budget cuts are made.

My first thought was "idiot," then many other words came to mind to describe the person who could make such a vile comment...highfalutin, self-serving...for his pernicious remark about Joplin, Missouri residents (and flood victims along the Mississippi River). The Representatives from Missouri should be outraged and fire back at Eric Cantor for saying that no disaster relief would come from the government until budget cuts are agreed upon.

People in Joplin lost their homes, their possessions, almost everything they owned, and lives were lost, yet Cantor has the audacity to say they get no relief? FEMA is the disaster relief organization that goes in to help hurricane, tornado, or flood victims. How can Eric Cantor say that he won't agree to any disaster relief funds until other members in Congress agree to budget cuts to serve his oil corporation, pocket-lining financial buddies, while people are moved to shelters because they have lost everything but their lives and their faith? What a stupid move by Cantor.

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