Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ohio's Governor has an approval rating of 30%. Thousands protest his actions in various cities, but he doesn't care. He doesn't care what the people think. He's only out for his own priorities.

Ohio has some gordian issues and one man is making the nodus worse. His highfalutin ways are becoming clarion to many voters. A jorum of people have seen the volteface since last November's election. His bailiwick is not people and his pedigree should have been seen last year.

It is with great perspicaciousness that I have seen his lack of aegisness and pugnacious ways toward working people. He is a cynic of the worst kind and his diktat is only due to self-greed toward the casino issue. The people voted in this state, but he does not listen to the will of the people. We can only sitzfleisch so much with the miasma he has created in Ohio.

His parity of distain and caitiff ways to make us helots to his agenda is only making us reticent to accept his gasconade voice and lacuna between his ears. These are not taradiddles that flow from his mouth, they are mountainous vile of the worst kind. Many have become very shirty with his draconian attitude and we must join STAND UP FOR OHIO and WE ARE OHIO to defeat the greedy dog ersatz of a Governor.

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skymetalsmith said...

At least with him being Governor, we won't have to watch him try to run for Prez next time. By the time he is finished with this office the people will have seen him for what he is...and for what he isn't!