Friday, September 24, 2010


Early Thursday, I drove to Hamilton, Ohio to the campaign office of Bruce Carter for State Representative of the 54th District to offer my time and talents. They are very busy with canvassing over 4000 homes so far, scheduling their media spots, and preparing their mass mailers.

I was shown five different mailers that had been prepared and, even though Bruce has a Master's Degree in Journalism, I offered my advise as to wording, sentence structure and balance. I offered four or five suggested changes and all but one was approved. After Bruce explained the "why" of the one sentence I questioned, I saw his rationale and recanted my idea.

We discussed various aspects of the campaign, after a wonderful lunch with Michele, Bruce's wife. During the lunch hour, Bruce and his campaign manager were out meeting with a volunteer to manage a phone bank targeted at the younger voters, such as college students. Michele does a professional job of running the office, keeping the schedule, and so much more.

I was asked to study and offer input into his website structure, which is already up and running online. I'll see if I can add some "pazazz" to it next week.

Late in the afternoon, they [all three work in the office each day, attend meetings or functions, and walk/canvass together] were getting ready to head out for more street canvasses, so I left to drive home.

Since it was a long day, my little gal (my dog) was so happy to see me when I drove in the driveway. She is very well trained and obedient, so we've never had a problem (accident) in the house. We went outside and after doing her "thing," we played for a bit as she ran and ran around in large yard-sized circles getting her long awaited exercise for the day. It's nice to come home to unconditional love and attention; and it's nice to work/volunteer with people who value your talents and input.

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Sue's News said...

If I had time I would volunteer for Bruce.