Tuesday, September 14, 2010


On Sunday, I drove to Hamilton to visit friends and help on a congressional campaign, and enjoy some "ME" time. My friends always appreciate my visits and my help since I am such a go-getter. I like to go where I am appreciated. My county has lost several hard-workers recently, due to the egregious acts of a couple people who think they run things around here.

I visited the Great Miami River Days Festival, which was held behind Miami University - Hamilton Campus, on the Miami River. I watched water skiers, jet skiers, and more activities on the water. I walked along the row of tents with different vendors sharing information with the public. There weren't that many food vendors, but I did get some good food for lunch.

After I helped pass out voter informational material and talked with many people, I strolled the grounds to see what else was on display. I found an Indian encampment with many teepee's, campfires with cooking pots, skins, hats, and more Indian wares for sale. One of the visitors in the group had an authentic rare wolf dog, very gentle, well mannered, and looked like a cross between a husky and shepherd, but with long legs.

There were women in period dress cooking the old fashioned way; a blacksmith, and a man making music while others talked around a campfire.

I heard the drums and singing as I walked to the circle where Indian dancers were performing to the beat of the drummers as many stood around to sing with them.

There were many teepee's set up over the area which provided reality to the encampment.

The musical stage had different groups providing entertainment to the public, but I didn't stay to listen because I wanted to get back to my volunteer work at the Carter booth. I met the Judge from the Juvenile Court, and talked with my friend Butch, a County Commissioner stationed in the next booth. My new prized possession is a Driehaus cup I was given, and also got a BEAT BOEHNER sticker. I really like Steve Driehaus and hope Justin Coussoule BEATS BOEHNER in the upcoming election.

Because of multiple vehicles at the scene, we took a short ride to the office and returned, ready to pack up and call it a night. I had a long drive ahead of me and had been on my feet almost all day. It was a beautiful sunny day for this outing; I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was glad to be there. I really love my "ME" times where I go off somewhere different, alone, and take time for myself, away from the rush of life at home.

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Derek Myers said...

Oh! I would also like to add that YES, our county has lost some GREAT volunteers, including yourself.