Thursday, September 2, 2010


Learn to duck, if you can. Sometimes reflexes are just not quick enough in certain circumstances. I have learned that twice this past week.

At the beginning of last week, a neighbor came over to see if I had any more empty tote boxes. She got almost a dozen from me a couple months ago. I think she's organizing her garage. Since my move to this house a few years ago caused me to purchase so many, as a saver, I put the empties in the attic.

I called my best friend to help. He came over to climb in the attic on a very hot afternoon. He began to lower a few totes down to me, and all was going well until I missed a catch. The corner of one missed my hands and hit me with a thump on my forehead above my right eyebrow. Wow, that hurt. I knew I would have a bruise from it.

Later that night, a lump appeared in that spot, which was more than a bruise - it was a Hematoma, and black & blue. It was very sore for a week. My friend said, "Learn to duck." Luckily, it was not too visible, because my bangs hid it.

About a week or so before that incident, I was preparing for another event and while lifting or moving a furniture-like item, I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. That was sore for about 10 days. It had just about healed - until Tuesday.

There was no way to duck. As my family and most of my friends know, I have a bad back due to degenerative disk disease. I can only do so much at a time - physically, like standing, lifting or walking.

However, I do the best I can, especially when given a task. After setting up six tables, 56 chairs, moving a couch and chair slightly out of the way, and doing several other things, I had exhausted my back's efforts for the day. My back was sore and I knew it was time to rest it.

Unfortunately, it got worse instead of better. Due to unforseen events and a circumstance which is best not described, I was slammed against a wall striking my bad shoulder, my right wrist and even the side of my head. It knocked the wind out of me briefly, but as soon as I recovered from the shock of it, I left the area and came home. I just can't seem to duck fast enough to avoid oncoming things.

The good news is - I'll live, and the terrible pain will eventually subside. After one errand this morning, I took another pain pill and slept for four more hours. Needless to say, I stayed home to rest and start my recovery.

Learning to DUCK can be a painful process, but if I keep trying I'll eventually get it right!

(The ducks in the picture are real. Many more walked over to where I sat for a while on Tuesday. They were so tame and vocal as if asking for a scrap of bread, but they moved a lot faster than I should have.)

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