Saturday, September 25, 2010


The GOP wants to give Jeff a raise and the poor - nothing. If we, as good Americans, do things right - that won't happen. But if you REALLY think Jeff DESERVES a raise, well, see what you think:

Jeff has been working for his corporation for 24 years. He started out at age 21 as a researcher in the field of media covering the Olympics. He worked his way up in his field to an executive producer of a TV show by age 30.

He made profits for his corporation and was rewarded with a promotion to oversee an entertainment division in Hollywood, California. He continued to prosper in his field by cutting costs for his employer and moved up the corporate ladder.

Jeff has decided to leave his current employer since that employer/corporation was purchased by a larger corporation. Whatever will Jeff do now? Well, let's see, by the reported facts, Jeff can sit home and do nothing, or travel, or play golf (like Boehner). Now at age 45, he can do whatever he wants to do.

Jeff's contract with his corporation was set to expire in January of 2013, and with leaving early, the NEW corporation must buy him out of that contract.

Let's do the math. Jeff's current salary is $6.3 MILLION dollars and with a guaranteed yearly BONUS of $1.5 MILLION dollars. So as he cleans out his office and leaves his job of 24 years, he walks out with a buy-out check of $15.6 MILLION dollars. Now, I'm sure that Jeff has been a good businessman and saved or invested a lot of money over the years, so the additional money would be added to his already MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR STATUS.

In the Pledge to America that the GOP just revealed to the American people, Republicans want to put tax cuts for the rich into effect - permanently. Therefore, Jeff would get a raise, because he would not have to pay his fair share of taxes on all that money he just got in his salary and buy-out check. He would become RICHER and richer (while the poor get poorer) as a result of that tax implementation law.


Due to the recent purchase of NBC Universal by cable giant Comcast, which turnover is reported to take place by the end of this year, Jeff Zucker, the CEO of NBC-U, will turn over the helm to Steve Burke, the CEO of Comcast. Jeff can now retire at 45 and live off his multi-million dollar fortune.

Now do you REALLY think Jeff DESERVES this raise? Or do the poor and middle class need the tax cuts more? I think the latter, but the GOP wants to think the former. It's obvious the GOP are for the millionaires (because the lobbyists of big corporations line their pockets) not the little people!

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