Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was watching the news stations tonight and many showed clips of speeches made by Republicans in Congress or running for Congress. While they make their platforms known to voters, it has become abundantly clear that the GOP is bringing back the cultural wars of the past.

O'Donnell is being shown, by her former television appearances, as formerly associated with witchcraft. She is strictly against abortion in EVERY case, no matter what.

Another congressman states that people must make a choice between freedom and gay rights.

McCain is changing his mind and will strongly filibuster against "don't ask, don't tell." The vote in Congress is scheduled in the Senate on Tuesday. There have been gays in the military for years and our military is still a strong force in the world. The majority of Americans are FOR the repeal of DADT.

It has become clear to me that the news clips shown by different medias have the following conclusions:

Republicans support banning abortions in ALL cases, including rape or incest.

Republicans are against gays and lesbians.

Republicans want to set us back to the depression era.

Republicans are homophobic regarding military rights and Americans serving our country.

Republicans want to cut Social Security for seniors.

Republicans want to repeal the greatest healthcare plan this country has seen in decades; the plan Presidents Truman and Clinton tried to get for Americans during their terms, and Senator Ted Kennedy fought to pass. Now the insurance companies can't take advantage of people for pre-existing conditions, and kids cannot be denied coverage. Many individuals who previously could not get healthcare, can now be insured. The insurance companies cannot hold people hostage to make big profits so their employees can live like fat-cats.

Did you know that there are seven lobbyists for each congressman? The banking lobbyists are trying to protect the fat-cats of Wall Street so they can make millions off the middle class. The big corporation lobbyists are trying to get concessions from congress so they can keep their big salaries and billion dollar life styles.

Republicans want to give tax breaks to the wealthy (who can afford to pay their taxes) and add billions to the national debt and put the burden of taxation on the poor and middle class who CAN'T afford to pay for normal living expenses. The middle class and poverty level Americans NEED the tax breaks - NOT THE WEALTHY.

People may be frustrated that campaign promises and important issues didn't get done fast enough, but after EIGHT years of BAD ideas, EIGHT years of an unpopular, unnecessary war and failed policies got us into this mess - it takes patience and BELIEF in our administration to get the jobs done. The stimulus program DID create jobs in many areas of the country. Once the Wall Street Reform Bill was passed, banks could loan more money and more jobs were created. You can't recover from EIGHT years of tragedy in less than two years. Wake up people - see the forest through the trees.

The new healthcare policy is saving lives; a woman should have a choice about her own body and reproductive rights; and gays should have equal rights under the law. This country would be in terrible trouble if Republicans gain too many seats in the upcoming election. They are already the party of NO and the government would come to a drastic standstill; people would lose their unemployment and kids would starve; and senior citizens who worked all their lives for their retirement would be broke and homeless. That's NOT what this country is about - NOT what the founding fathers had in mind for future generations.


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Sue's News said...

The Republican Tea Party--they have been hiding their bigotry for years and now it's out in the open.