Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I was in the library reading some Fayette County history from back in the late 1800's and one item made me laugh.

It seems long ago, on a farm just east of Washington Court House, a farmer placed a half bushel of wheat in a cider barrel to keep the cider sweet.

Later, after emptying the barrel of cider, he dumped the soaked wheat in the hog pen. The pigs ate it quickly and seemed to enjoy it.

The fermented grain went to work, doing its "thing" and the pigs became gloriously drunk. Some of them laid around, surely with dreams of corn, and others became hilariously full of antics.

The farmer finally figured out why his hogs were acting so strange. After a day and a half, the swine were back on their feet - hopefully without bloodshot eyes and/or a hangover!

MORAL: Don't "pickle your pigs" with cider soaked grain!

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Sue's News said...

I love PICKLED PIGS FEET! Gerald just cringes when I buy a jar, open it and hears the indescribable noise (a kind of sucking "squoosh" sound!) when I pull one from the jar. All pickled pigs feet aficionados KNOW that sound!