Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Senate Republicans are blocking a Veterans Bill.

Senate Republicans are blocking an extension of unemployment benefits to millions. The party seems to be against everything. They are stonewalling Congressional work. So WHY are these Senators still there? Time to vote them out in November!

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Sue's News said...

Another example of the "Party Of No"! I have never been able to understand the military's support of Republicans. That horrible Bush cut veterans' benefits 4 times and put them in an unnecessary war and yet they supported him. But that's what one would expect from the Deserter-In-Chief but worse than him was that inferior pilot John McCain who had been on the public dole ALL of his life as the son of an Admiral. Of course, others didn't return from the war as he did and desert his first wife and marry an heiress. He couldn't even remember how many houses they owned. How many other veterans have 7 homes?