Friday, October 17, 2014


One of the first things that happened during my two week (approx) hiatus from blog writing, was the window fail in my truck. It happened during the second half of September and I called my friend, and trusty mechanic, to have him fix it. Being so busy, it was a couple weeks before he could get to it.

The passenger side window would not roll down so I just didn't use it. I don't like to use the air conditioner in the truck except when the temperature is above 85 degrees outside. I like the fresh air.

My mechanic came over and picked up my truck, took it to his garage and took the door panel off to check the motor and track. He called me a little while later and told me that the regulator on the window motor was dead. He called Auto Zone (where he used to work) and got a price and it was in stock. I drove my car to Auto Zone, picked up the part and delivered it to him. Within two hours total, my truck was fixed and he brought it back to me. He is just GOOD at what he does!

I took this picture while dropping off the part, because I had never seen the inside of a door panel on a Chevy truck. The front panel is on the left, hanging on by the electrical wires that are enclosed in the door. The motor is attached to the outer door under the plastic covering. The truck is now fixed and ready for winter.

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