Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I usually don't talk politics on my blog, but I will be so glad when the November elections are over. It probably won't change much in the Ohio State House or in Washington D.C., but I won't have to wear out my mute button on the remote to stop the lying ads on TV.

The dirty money in politics has overrun the airwaves with ads that are downright lies, because politicians are trying to BUY this election. The Republicans are the worst. I am so sick of listening to the lies and twisting of the truth, it is outrageous.

So everyone - please get out to vote on November 4th, because by then I will probably have worn out the remote button to stop hearing the lies. There is no law against lying in television ads, and the Republicans are sure taking advantage of every inch they can crawl under our skin.

I've decided they should make larger mute buttons on every size of remote control. I would like to have one like in the photo, so I could just smash it until November 4.

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