Thursday, October 16, 2014


This week was a birthday I was happy to celebrate. Duke turned six months old and is such a good, smart dog. He is growing rapidly thanks to Mars Pedigree Puppy Food.

Duke is now 24 inches tall at the middle of his back; 22 inches long from the base of his tail to the base of his neck, and weighs 44 pounds - AT SIX MONTHS!

At or about six months, Duke needed his third in the series of DHL/Parvo/etc shots so I took him to the vet. The vet gave him a mild checkup and said his legs were growing (almost) too fast for his age and asked what I was feeding him. After I told him, he said to switch him to regular adult dog food now, instead of waiting the usual next six months for him to turn one year old. He said I could mix the food until he adapted to the adult food. I mixed it for two days and he was ALL IN for the other food. He loves mealtime. No more puppy food for this graduate!

My cat likes to play with Duke sometimes, slightly teasing him. She will sit on his blanket and dare him to join her. One day I found him straddling the cat on his blanket, but not in a captive manner. I discouraged him from doing so with a stern look. I haven't seen him do it since.

I talk to him often and he seems to understand and responds appropriately. We are now working on the STAY command, since he has mastered the other five standards so far. He continually amazes me with his intelligence, love and devotion.

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