Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's not wrong to be different. A friend told me my choices of holiday music were not "Christmasy" yet after some Internet searches, I found that I am not alone in my choices.

Christmas songs are an important part of the season, but it's easy to become tired of the same ole songs. There are different genres of music. There are uniquely funny or crazy Christmas songs (check out YouTube) with many albums sold by different artists to prove it. (See this link or this link.) There's also an album entitled Funny Christmas Songs (see here) on which you will find I Don't Want "Nuttin For Christmas."

I'm just not the SILENT NIGHT kinda gal, I like the alternative or different genres that make me smile and remember my youth. Sometimes favorite songs remind you of certain things of the past, happy times, or special memories. As long as it makes me happy, I don't mind being "different" (liking the normal "Come All Ye Faithful" kind of songs).

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