Thursday, December 26, 2013


It was a quiet day at my house for Christmas.

I had five snowmen decorations in a box in the guest room, so I got them out and put them up in the living room. I even wore red slacks and red Santa socks today.

Two of my friends said they were stopping by this afternoon. He and his wife sang three Christmas songs while she played the accordion. (I didn't even know she played accordion.) He said he plays the accordion too. I learn something new every day.

They came in for some hot chocolate and cookies and visited for a few minutes. When they left, they went across the street to serenade my neighbor who also lives alone.

When they left, I took the snowmen down and put them away. I'm ready to get on with the week now. I have too many sad memories related to Christmas.

I am looking forward to a better New Year. This year was unusually sad for me, financially devastating, and had some heartbreaking events. Its got to get better!

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