Saturday, February 2, 2013


When a man does maintenance of all kinds for a living, it's amazing how many little items around the house that I didn't know really needed attention. I just "made do" with what I have. I have recently learned more about "little things" that keep ordinary items working better.

The main reason my friend came to town was to fix my ice maker after two years of "brokendom." I didn't need to call the Sears repairman; instead I learned that I could order the parts to fix the broken tubing from the Sears parts online website. It took only three parts and UPS swift delivery and someone who knows how. The water tube bringing water to the ice maker broke at the top near the connection going inside the back of the freezer. Now I even have cold water in my in-door water dispenser on the front of the refrigerator.

The sunlight brightly shines in through my bathroom window in the morning, and I've always wanted a venetian blind on that window. A quick trip to Home Depot and his drill, I now have a blind in my bathroom to ease the morning light.

When my nephew was here a couple years ago, he helped me put a border around the ceiling of my bathroom. I had redone the decor to an outhouse motif. However, when we got to the end of the roll of border, I was about two feet short. So for two years, I had a gap of missing border above the bathroom sink. I finally found and purchased another roll of the same border, and the gap is now filled in. What a difference it makes, to me!

My back door is a heavy sliding double door which I never realized was getting harder and harder to open and close. Mr. Maintenance pulled it open to go out onto the back porch and said it needed lubricant because the rollers in the track were clogged and slow. Out came the WD40 and the door was slightly lifted and sprayed all along the track area. The screen door behind it was the same way. Now both doors slide easier and require less strain to open and close. I just never realized it needed doing. He noticed!

The front screen door lock usually sticks according to the weather (I thought). I always kept a pair of plyers on the table next to the front door in case I could not get it open with my fingers. He noticed! WD40 to the rescue again. Now my door lock opens and closes with ease. Wonders!

I have a inside-the-wall sliding door between my kitchen and my laundry room. When the door is pulled closed, it was always slow and heavy. Again, it was noticed and WD40 in the tracks and now it closes so fast and freely that I have watch out not to catch my hand between the door and the door frame. Wonders!

While fixing supper the second day of repair work, I ran water into my kitchen sink and the water didn't go down. I turned on the garbage disposal to clear it and, since it usually makes all the water flow out quickly, I thought it would help. Instead, the water continued to fill up. After all he had already done, I gasp and he looked to see what was wrong. Mr. Maintenance to the rescue with my unexpected emergency. He plunged the disposal until all the water finally disappeared. Then we filled the disposal with ice cubes and ran it again. The ice cube cleaning was done a second time, and now I have a clean, free running disposal again. I had always heard that ice cubes do a great job of cleaning the bottom of a disposal, but only tried it once before quite some time ago. Rescued yet again!

I am collecting household items to get ready for sale at auction in two months. I am filling tote boxes (supplied by the auction house) with all my items and these totes were stacked in my kitchen. I really wanted them in the garage so I would have room for more collecting and tote-filling. So we moved a few things in the garage and he stacked all six totes in the garage along with a box of things and other sale items not going into totes. Now I can get more empty totes and continue my packing and cleaning out the clutter in my house. I can't lift heavy items, so it was nice to have the help.

I also needed four pictures hung on the wall in my living room, to add to my massive photo collection adorning my walls. Yes, now the pictures are hung and the house is looking good.

Things I needed done and many things I didn't even know needed doing are now complete and Mr. Maintenance left for his travels to see family. My doors and locks are moving freely and the water flows where it should. It's so nice to have a house that seems FIXED! Now back to my decluttering and packing project. I am grateful that Mr. Maintenance knows how to fix everything that was wrong around here. A lucky day for me!!!

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