Sunday, February 24, 2013


Disrespect can take many forms.

It can be as simple as being called (a person's name) instead of (Mom) during a phone call to another – i.e., a demotion of status.

It can be as simple as stopping the usual, frequent phone calls just to just say “hi, how are you, or how was your day.”

Disrespect can be – “I don't have time for you, I'm late for supper that someone else has ready for me after work.” Just forget the many bags of food that were given, the many meals that were prepared, the meals that were paid for at the favorite restaurant, or the trips to the grocery store to make sure there was food in the house.

Disrespect can be as simple as not saying “thank you” when given a gift of great value out of love.

It can be as hurtful as a broken promise, such as “I'll always be there for you” said many times.

Finally, but not the least of which, could be the ignoring of an urgent request to “come talk” because TALK and TIME are more important to seniors, the elderly, and parent-types than anything money can buy.

It was once said, “The measure of a man can be judged by how he treats his Mother.” It will be how he treats others, especially females in his future. Beware ladies!

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