Thursday, February 7, 2013


Mother is another word for love.

A Mother is a special person; the person that we may remember most from our childhood. I admit I was a daddy's girl, but my Mother was special. Mother's raise their children to the best of their ability, provide care, love, understanding and more.

There is also a category of "other mother." I found the following definition: "Other-mother is a term used for women who provide care for a child (or sometimes older adult) not biologically their own, fulfilling some main social, cultural, or religious role in the youth's life."

Today is the eighth anniversary of my mother's death, so I am remembering my own mother, and the role I fulfilled as the 'other mother' in someone's life. My mother was always there for me, giving advice, guidance, being a sounding board, and loving unconditionally. I tried to emulate those qualities in my 'other mother' relationship.

I was single, working, and taking care of my mother during the last five years of her life. She was somewhat frail and in failing health, but I never gave up; I visited her every day to make sure she was safe and comfortable. She died at the age of 89 and I was at her bedside. I remembered the old saying, 'open the window so the soul can ascend to Heaven.' I opened the window at the foot of her bed and breathed in the cold February morning air, before the tears came. She was a special lady and I miss her. Sometimes, more lately, I really want to see her again. Her smiling face was always a comfort. Right now, I could use her smile and her love.

Rest in peace dear Mother, I will see you soon.

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