Monday, February 11, 2013


I was reading an article listing the 10 states with the highest debt. I was surprised to learn that Ohio was among the 10.

From the lowest debt to the highest (in millions) with population:

Massachusetts 102.2M -- 6.6M
Michigan 124.4M -- 9.8M
Florida 134.9M -- 19.3M
Pennsylvania 142.5M -- 12.7M
Ohio 239.5M -- 11.5M
Illinois 271.1M -- 12.8M
New Jersey 282.3M -- 8.8M
Texas 287M -- 26M
New York 300M -- 19.5M
California 617.6M -- 38M

Massachusetts is a small state and California is a large state, but I don't understand the size of the New Jersey debt compared to its size. I wonder if the problem is management: the lowest is a Democrat, the highest is a Democrat, and Illinois is a Democrat. All the others are Republican run - maybe they should elect a Democrat to get them out of trouble. More Republican governors have high debt states. They must need a good economist on their staff to put them on the right track toward recovery.

Another article at the same website quoted former President Bill Clinton regarding “austerity measures don't work.” He said “austerity in a no-growth economy equals recession. No amount of austerity will balance the budget.”

Why can't congressmen understand that? They get paid the big bucks to know the facts and the economy. But they play too many politics and cater to too many special interests. That's why!

I am hoping that the President's State of the Union address on Tuesday can set some goals and 'tell it like it is' to those who want to obstruct his agenda at all costs. We need a good immigration law; we need a strong gun control law to prevent more mass murders; and we need to protect seniors and low income families from losing their public assistance, rights, and dignity.

Too many politicians want to take away everything we legally have a right to, or a need for; like food stamps, abortion rights which are federally legal, federal funding for assistance of various kinds to the poor. They are just WRONG and should not be reelected.

I found the best video to describe the country's debt and wanted to share it. It really explains it better than anyone else could.

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