Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Old school photographs on the wall, cut-out cardboard cars, a three-wheel bike with a basket full of popcorn balls, Euclid Beach signs (the old Cedar Point of Cleveland in the 50s-60s), and other cut-outs around the room like Jack Benny and other stars of movies and television lined the front of the room for the 50-year class reunion I attended recently.

The ice cream shoppe was set up for dessert after the wonderful sit-down dinner of roast beef, chicken, salmon, pasta, and vegetables. We could make our own Sundaes with all the fixin's.

The sweet shoppe was set up with a variety of candies to appease the sweet tooth of any of the 180 alumni attendees plus their spouses, dates, significant others, etc.

Between the ice cream shoppe and the sweet shoppe was a tiger under a tree of 45 record leaves. We were known as the Cleveland Heights High School tigers, the black and gold. Each dinner table around the room had a center piece using a stuffed tiger with black and gold balloons tied to it. Under one chair at each table was the sticker for the lucky winner who got to take their centerpiece home.

I will talk more about the reunion in my next blog item. We had too much fun to put it in just one story. Stay tuned.

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