Friday, July 13, 2012


FACT ONE: Corporations are NOT people!

FACT TWO: No need for 40 or more abortion laws; Roe vs. Wade took care of that years ago. Congress can stop wasting our tax money now on that issue!

FACT THREE: I am not visiting a Congressman to get in his/her face or his/her personal affairs; so Congressmen - STAY OUT OF THE ORGANS IN MY BODY, YOU DON'T CONTROL IT - I DO. I refuse to go back to the 1800s when women were treated like property and could not vote.

FACT FOUR: I will definitely vote OUT any elected official who says (a) corporations are people; (b) tries to pass another bill that tells me what THEY want me to do with my body; and (c) does not believe that ALL men/women were created equal and have all the rights afforded to us by the Bill of Rights - life (without getting in my womb), liberty (the freedom to vote and speak my mind, etc.), and the pursuit of happiness (whether it be in marriage or partner rights, LGBT or racial rights).

Racism is BAD. Discrimination is WRONG. EQUAL RIGHTS are a right of ALL people, not a select few. Churches should NOT ban persons of color or the LGBT community, because ALL people are GOD's creations and have the freedom of worship (two churches in the news have approved a ban recently).

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