Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I recently acquired this photo at an auction for a low, reasonable price. It is an original photo in a plastic protective frame. When I researched this photo online, it was entitled The Rare Infamous Winston Cup * Photo 1987. I only found it on one website, an auction site from Florida that sells NASCAR memorabilia. Maybe that's why it's called RARE and INFAMOUS.

I have several items of NASCAR memorabilia, most of them Jimmie Johnson. I have recently acquired several Earnhardt items - Jr. & Sr. - this being one of them.

I would love to know how many of these photos are still in existence, so I need to do more research. At this time, I have no desire to sell the photo, but I was sure shocked at the starting price the auction house was setting for the bidding. Quadrupling my money is an understatement, but not until I learn more about it.

I will share more of my new collection in future blogs.

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